About Me

VFX Artist. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
Storytelling is the life force of our society and culture. For thousands of years people have been captivated by the art of the story, from tales told around an open fire to the adventures portrayed using today's most advanced technologies. It is "the story" that captures our imaginations, feeds our dreams and inspires us to greater things. 
Since I was a child, listening to my grandfather's "makeup" stories, I have been inspired to pursue this often elusive artform. There is no greater thrill in watching an audience be moved by something you have had a hand in crafting. It is this core desire that has driven me into the world of film-making and more recently virtual reality.
Building worlds and the narratives that play out within them, will hopefully carry me forth until one day I can sit down with grandchildren of my own and share with them my "makeup" stories, bringing life to a close with beautiful symmetry.
Michael Cox
 Director/Founder - Cinesphere Pty Ltd