Michael Cox

VFX Artist, Filmmaker, Storyteller 
Storytelling is the life force of our society and culture. For thousands of years people have been captivated by the art of the story, from tales told around an open fire to the adventures portrayed using today's most advanced technologies. It is "the story" that captures our imaginations, feeds our dreams and inspires us to greater things.


I have a rich history in producing world class visual effects. With extensive experience built up at some of the world's most acclaimed studios, I have helped craft some of the most memorable worlds in cinema - from the jungles and floating mountains of Pandora in Avatar to the animated world of Tintin and beyond. Watch the Film FX Reel above to see some of the shots that I worked on while at Weta Digital and other studios.  


Honda CRV - 'The Joy of Moving You'

Honda Australia “The joy of moving you is what moves us”

The Bold Honda Civic

Mars - Life Drawing




 From custom VR training simulations to room and warehouse scale  immersive entertainment , Cinesphere has the ability to build the virtual experience that you are after.

Utilising award winning Unreal Engine 4 technology, we can develop fully photorealistic or stylised experiences that have the power to completely immerse the user into a world unlike anything they ever experienced. 


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The Hunt

coming soon

Making Short-Films is one of the most freely expressive areas of the work that we do. Whenever time permits, we look to develop and  explore different stories that challenge us both creatively and technically. 

C O M I N G  S O O N 

The Hunt. 


Lost and pursued by a relentless advesary, a young girl must use all her cunning to find a way to survive against seemingly insurmountable odds.